Going in usual times is …

actress:小高 奈央

movie info:Going in usual times is Nao all right, but the stomach seems to be in good condition and seems to start poo every day because I eat an apple every morning. A stomach goes round and round today. I seem to sometimes take a shit nakedly in the house. Begin with good pee of the force; wind called “pu!” ! Pee breaks out whenever I strain myself. I took out slightly rather hard yellow-like poo.


Chiaki whom much poo was…

actress:塚田 千晶

movie info:Chiaki whom much poo was not given to last time. The condition of the stomach seems to be better today than before. anaruecchi seemed to make its debut, and the appearance of grace of the experience or the poo started thickness poo as anal was split while speaking which seemed to improve (laugh) in large quantities. Buttocks have much poo. Because I made all these quantity, I felt fine and seemed to be comfortable. I look and die out and am plentiful! !


Yuko of the slender beau…

actress:狩野 祐子

movie info:Yuko of the slender beautiful woman who has not been constipated. The feeling that the thing which the condition of the stomach seems to be perfect today and ate yesterday comes out to directly! ? Although I thought that pee appeared like a brick, anus gradually swells out twitchingly, and big poo leaves boto tto. When dissect poo; is … from the inside.


Ayumi of the feeling suc…

actress:雛森 あゆみ

movie info:Ayumi of the feeling such as a neat and clean older sister. A stomach seems to often have loose bowels weakly. I strained myself hard, and thin shit was worked out! There seems to be zanbenkan a little, and the tissue which wiped buttocks has it stickily!


Naomi who came in the mi…

actress:松原 直美

movie info:Naomi who came in the miniskirt which underwear seemed to look like. I seem to watch AV alone in spite of the appearance. There was not the poo, but seemed to have shown pee in front of the master. As watch AV; of the pussy show it, and know. It seemed to be the poo for the first time in three days and gave big one of the sharpness feces such as a good banana. A lot of mushrooms came out from the poo.


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