It is Haruko of the beau…

actress:明石 春子

movie info:It is Haruko of the beautiful mature woman of the pheromone fully opening this time. Going in every day seems to be well-conditioned. I pull myself together and am ashamed, after excretion, am ashamed.


I seemed to eat, as for …

actress:森沢 尚美

movie info:I seemed to eat, as for the day before when I seem to appear once on 2nd when I had graceful Naomi take a shit, what will happen to only a potato?


It is the regular stools…

actress:石田 舞香

movie info:It is the regular stools that had calm young dance incense come elegantly, but seems to have possibilities to be sometimes constipated today.


Do not appear 3-4 days w…

actress:山井 沙奈美

movie info:Do not appear 3-4 days when sand Nami takes a shit; was constipated, but the thing of some judo tortoises came out with doruddoru.


It is non-Yuka making sof…

actress:坂野 未由香

movie info:It is non-Yuka making soft and smooth Shaved. Non-Yuka whom meals with the volume collect. It was shit while I gushed pee in large quantities.


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