Pale-complexioned Yuka w…

actress:永瀬 佑佳

movie info:Pale-complexioned Yuka who it is slender, and have a very cute double tooth. I came for a twin tail in clothes of rori origin. I seemed to belong to the boxing club for school days even if I saw it in this way. I take out poo every day every morning because I consume yogurt and vegetables juice. I strained myself while grimacing aloud and took out the poo of the lump which small anal seemed to be split in.


I was voluptuous, and th…

actress:嶺岸 律子

movie info:I was voluptuous, and the flesh had just right Ritsuko wife take a shit. Because I seem to eat a lot, it is a pleasure, will a lot of today start it?


Emi who is very shy in a…

actress:佐野 絵美

movie info:Emi who is very shy in a quiet system. A shy person as the word poo cannot readily say when I hear it when you came to do what today. But poo could not stand and seemed to have been a park. I seem to take out big poo so that restrooms are usually clogged up well. When take off underwear, is yellow; is stained. I have a stomach ache, and poo does not seem to be able to stand and I break wind as soon as I squatted down and release a large quantity of pee like a brick. I dropped big bomb poo as anus seemed to be split without time to take a rest.


The Aoi of a gentle smil…

actress:曽根山 葵

movie info:The Aoi of a gentle smile is regular stools every day. I feel the sign that seems to go out of the middle talking about. After soft rakanaunchigahyorotto appeared, I empty the bowels to buriburi and a dish in large quantities thickly when I strain myself more! The feel of a material that it was the appearance that a soft bowel movement was so, but it was assumed that I touched it well!


Hitomi not to have a boy…

actress:長瀬 瞳

movie info:Hitomi not to have a boyfriend though it is so excellent at Kaai ikute-style. It seems to be a constipation or regular stools person by a day. At first I take it with a tissue forcibly because I begin with pee in large quantities, and the poo which appeared from anal does not readily fall. The poo which I widened anal and challenged it once again, and was finally jam-packed came out.


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