Is it caused by the fact…

actress:磯川 裕子

movie info:Is it caused by the fact Yuko that the condition has bad appearance of the shit, that it is unbalanced diet without exercising? It was tono ji, but had I did my best and start it.


I had 1,000 flowers take…

actress:堀江 千花

movie info:I had 1,000 flowers take a shit. There does not seem to be much constipation! The quite good curiosity seems to be excellent if I look forward to taking a shit in an opening-like place slightly.


Lawn season that I do no…

actress:大沢 紗季

movie info:Lawn season that I do not always eat the breakfast very much. Because I eat yogurt well, the poo appears every day. I do not do the exercise very much, but seem to walk for health well. I look bashful very much when going to have I take off clothes and show nude. Various things seemed to have been in the anal, but cannot tell me what entered. I started smoothly big banana poo whether I seemed to have hardly done it in the Japanese style, and it was easy to strain itself. Poo is close together to buttocks only a little.


Michiko of the pure and i…

actress:中井 理乃

movie info:Michiko of the pure and innocent system that a short cut is pretty is an appearance. I like dishes and seem to make a lunch in the workplace. I come out slowly so that taben breaks through small anaru! As for the incident suffering from menstruation during a bowel movement!


Kaoru to be the feeling …

actress:日々野 薫

movie info:Kaoru to be the feeling that, going is moderate of days. I wear clothes knowing the line of the body which I like that I show it and am, and was plump. Slim, soft poo comes out like a brick while making a sound angrily. I join with pee and become watery.


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