I am anxious how about ri…

actress:望月 奏海

movie info:I am anxious how about rice *kai to appear whenever I eat frequently today because I appear.


Natsuko who is regular s…

actress:長内 夏子

movie info:Natsuko who is regular stools every day. It is a healthy body as poo appears without the quantity changing with one meal properly a day. I seem to watch the poo which I took out properly. The strange poo seems to be that orange-like one came out. The color was common, but took out the loose poo that a smell was strong.


It is a pleasure what whi…

actress:若城 伊織

movie info:It is a pleasure what which had Iori with the shitting outside experience take a shit in a primary schoolchild appears.


It seems to have a sligh…

actress:鷲谷 若葉

movie info:It seems to have a slight good wife, constipation per thing in a careful tone. I had you comment on a way of the poo, but I tell me very carefully, and thank you!


Yuko to always have a sli…

actress:高瀬 祐子

movie info:Yuko to always have a slight constipation. That I have forgotten when it was last time. hadonandesyo is a pleasure today!


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