kyusanko stuck in near. …

actress:森脇 久三子

movie info:kyusanko stuck in near. I seem to take only the carbohydrates, but seem to have vegetables a little too much properly at night. When they are well-conditioned, I seem to start it, but two or three times seem to show a slight constipation slightly recently per day. I endure the place where poo seems to appear in morning. When seemed to endure pee, and “have done it” very bashfully the moment when appeared; a word. I feel fine, and hardly invite him a feeling and look. I started soft poo a lot while calling it repeatedly when “I appeared appeared” and was able to snatch the poo. The face shy very much is unbearable.


I had law of nature Sato…

actress:森 理都子

movie info:I had law of nature Satoko take a shit this time. I seem to eat lunch without an appetite a whole bunch at night in the morning recently. I am surprised at night although I keep eating because a body is thin. There seems to be the experience that sisters carry a schoolchild’s satchel on their back without the key to house in the days of a primary schoolchild all together at a parking lot nearby, and did shitting outside. A human feces uproar seemed to happen the next day in a neighborhood (sho.)


Mami to take out the poo …

actress:浜口 真美

movie info:Mami to take out the poo every morning. Rather hard endured the everyday poo today. Considerable tits is big from head to foot with a whip whip as I understand it even from clothes. Big tits protrudes from a brassiere when I take off a dress. I took out paste-formed poo from the seat of whip whip.


It is Mayumi of the appe…

actress:宮崎 真弓

movie info:It is Mayumi of the appearance with a clean bare foot. I seem to walk for health well, and passing seems to be good when I walk. Sir, H seemed to come to do onanism by long silence well recently, too. Because I ate curry yesterday, it is expectation though yellow poo appears! ! A white sticky thing is mixed in a large quantity of pee. The poo only really appeared probably because I was tense. Anyway, naidesu odd quantity of the pee! !


I had Tomoko of a refine…

actress:南条 朋子

movie info:I had Tomoko of a refined feeling take a shit. When bad-smelling, and the story to be pushed if I eat, and to be given cries with a smile in pleasant Tomoko, last, I look happy.


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