Megumu who reads the air…

actress:北尾 恵

movie info:Megumu who reads the air which I like eating its way, and ate curry this time on a previous day of the curry. It is small, and poo comes many times from tusk ri, pakkuri opened anaru and retires myself whether many bowel movements are not good. But I did shameless, firm very good-quality shit in the at the rate of of a slender body. The tissue which wiped buttocks hardly had the shit, but the smell seems to be very strong.


Sand Nami that at last i…

actress:山井 沙奈美

movie info:Sand Nami that at last it became a normal person as if walking what a taxi was carried on at the chottono distance. That I wait, and it sometimes climbs the elevator on stairs to get on. What kind of shit would you do today?


It is Kazue who I appear…

actress:青井 和枝

movie info:It is Kazue who I appear every day, and is smooth not a constipation symptom, but what you will do today and are a pleasure.


It means that it dissolv…

actress:酒井 鈴

movie info:It means that it dissolves, a bell featuring a smile, what kind of poo will constipation usually do on foot today?


Kazumi who seems to be h…

actress:小谷 和美

movie info:Kazumi who seems to be hard to endure poo. There was a finger case, and the anaru experience “seemed to be the feeling that poo seemed to be” over. It seems to have a slight constipation and it seems to be four or five days ago last that I started and seems to be able to expect this time a large quantity of poo recently. When I take off clothes, poo seems to appear and when I stood by, the patience is like the limit and sees poo from anal. In overdoing of patience, the anal greatly opened, and poo of the kolo kolo came out in large quantities and started thickness poo as anal seemed to be split. I have not watched so a large quantity of poo so far. Of course the smell is strong, too.


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